Q – How many slices can I get out of your cakes?
A - the 10 inch bundt cakes 16 slices,  the 9 inch layered cakes 12 slices.
Q – Are your cakes really made from scratch with no artificial ingredients ?
A - Our cakes are indeed made totally from scratch, we use the finest ingredients, no preservatives, nothing artificial.
Q -  Do you make wedding cakes
A -   No wedding cake at this time.
Q -  Do you keep my credit card information on file?
A -  No. We respect your privacy; your information is only used to process your cake order. We do not sale or give away any of your Personal information.
Q -  The prices listed on your site are for the larger size cakes, do you offer smaller sizes?
A -  Yes. We have other sizes ( call or email for more information )                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Q -  Do you offer shipping
A -  Yes, only the pound cakes, shipped in metal tins, flat rate 3 to 4 days delivery
Q -  Do you deliver
A -  Yes, Local  ( Locust Grove, Ga ) delivery charge within 10 mile radius $10 -- 20 to 30 miles $20 -- beyond Hartfield-Jackson Airport negotiable